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The Coffee Connoisseur’s Guide to Vancouver, Washington

Glacier West Team | April 15, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Vancouver, Washington, isn’t just a city known for its scenic beauty and vibrant culture; it’s also a paradise for coffee lovers. With an impressive array of coffee shops, each offering its unique charm and flavors, Vancouver is a place where both locals and visitors can indulge in their love for coffee. For those utilizing the convenient and secure storage solutions at Glacier West Self Storage in East Vancouver, exploring the city's coffee scene is a delightful way to immerse in local culture and savor some of the finest brews.

The Great North Coffee Shop  

Nestled at 602 N Devine Road, The Great North Coffee Shop is a gem in Vancouver's coffee scene, known for its dedication to local flavors. Specializing in both coffee and tea, this shop serves up Coava Coffee Roasters coffee and teas from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. Their menu features a range of familiar favorites like lattes and macchiatos, along with unique offerings such as cortado and horchata cold brew. Complementing their beverages, The Great North also offers pastries from local Pacific Northwest companies, providing a complete and delightful coffee shop experience.

Compass Coffee Roasting  

For those who take their coffee seriously, Compass Coffee Roasting, with locations at 817 Washington Street and 8013 St. Johns Road, is a must-visit. This establishment prides itself on using only the finest beans, sourced from the top 0.1% of the coffee market, and roasts them in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Compass Coffee Roasting offers a cozy atmosphere where patrons can enjoy not only exceptional coffee but also house-made syrups and freshly baked goods.

Thatcher’s Coffee  

Thatcher’s Coffee, at 104 Grand Boulevard, stands out as a woman-owned coffee shop that values natural and locally sourced ingredients. They collaborate with local roasters like Roseline, Heart, and Olympia Coffee, and periodically feature guest roasters to showcase a variety of flavors and brewing styles. Thatcher’s also takes pride in their in-house baked pastries, with options for gluten-free patrons, making it a welcoming spot for all coffee lovers.

Relevant Coffee  

At 1703 Main St., Relevant Coffee is a popular community-centric coffee roaster and café. They source exceptional coffees from sustainable and quality-driven farmers worldwide, aiming to provide an honest specialty coffee experience. Relevant Coffee has become a community hub, offering a selection of brewed coffees, seasonal espressos, and specialty drinks in a friendly environment.

Kafiex Roasters  

Kafiex Roasters, with its location at 720 Esther St, is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a story of passion and empowerment. Founded by Seidy and Matthew Selivanow, Kafiex offers a range of certified organic and fair-trade coffees. They are committed to empowering women coffee farmers and educating the public about the journey of coffee from farm to cup. Their flagship blend, Three Amigos espresso, is a must-try for visitors.

Sweet Touch and Savona Coffee House 

Besides the aforementioned gems, Vancouver hosts other notable spots like Sweet Touch and Savona Coffee House. Sweet Touch offers a relaxing ambiance and a diverse selection of drinks and food, making it a perfect chill spot. Savona Coffee House, with its cozy and aesthetically appealing decor, provides a warm welcome to coffee enthusiasts and offers a tasty grilled Italian sandwich that shouldn’t be missed.

Gold Cup Coffee House  

Gold Cup Coffee House, a relatively fresh addition to Vancouver's coffee scene, has quickly established itself as a favorite. At 10805 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Gold Cup offers a luxurious yet understated setting where patrons can enjoy high-quality coffee and pastries. Their partnership with Kafiex Roasters ensures a constant supply of excellent coffee, and we recommend their almond croissants.

For those using Glacier West Self Storage in East Vancouver, diving into the local coffee culture offers a delightful exploration of the city’s passion for coffee. Each coffee shop in Vancouver brings its unique flavor to the table, providing a rich tapestry of coffee experiences that reflect the city’s diverse and vibrant character.

Glacier West Team
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