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Monroe’s Microbreweries and Craft Beer Scene

Glacier West Team | June 12, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Nestled in the heart of Washington's Snohomish County, Monroe is a hidden gem for craft beer lovers. With its scenic backdrop and vibrant community, Monroe offers microbreweries that cater to a wide range of palates. This guide delves into the craft beer scene in Monroe, profiling local microbreweries and the unique beers they brew. Whether you're a local or a tourist, exploring Monroe’s microbreweries is a delightful journey through delicious flavors and brewing techniques. For those who need extra space to store their beer collections or brewery equipment, Glacier West Self Storage in Monroe provides secure and convenient storage solutions.

Twin Rivers Brewing Company

Twin Rivers Brewing Company is a cornerstone of Monroe’s craft beer scene. Known for its commitment to quality and community, Twin Rivers offers a diverse range of beers that appeal to both casual drinkers and connoisseurs. The brewery’s Skykomish IPA is a balanced IPA with a robust hop profile and notes of citrus and pine, making it a favorite among hop lovers. Their Sultan River Stout is a rich, dark stout with flavors of chocolate, coffee, and a hint of vanilla, perfect for those who enjoy a full-bodied beer. Additionally, the Monroe Blonde Ale is a light and refreshing ale with subtle malt sweetness and a clean finish, ideal for warm summer days. Twin Rivers Brewing is deeply rooted in the local community, often hosting events, fundraisers, and collaborations with local businesses. Their welcoming taproom is a gathering place for residents and visitors alike.

Route 2 Taproom and Grazing Place

Route 2 Taproom and Grazing Place offers a unique experience combining craft beer and artisanal food. While not a brewery itself, Route 2 is a champion of local microbreweries, showcasing a rotating selection of Washington’s finest craft beers. The taproom frequently features IPAs from various local breweries, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting on tap. From summer ales to winter stouts, Route 2 curates a selection that highlights the best seasonal offerings. Limited edition and specialty brews are often available, providing patrons with the opportunity to try rare and unique beers. In addition to its impressive beer selection, Route 2 offers a grazing menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. Their charcuterie boards and artisanal cheeses pair perfectly with the craft beers on tap.

Dreadnought Brewing

Dreadnought Brewing stands out for its bold flavors and innovative brewing techniques. Founded by a group of passionate homebrewers, Dreadnought has quickly gained a reputation for its adventurous and high-quality beers. The brewery’s Blood Orange IPA is a refreshing IPA brewed with real blood oranges, offering a perfect balance of hoppy bitterness and citrus sweetness. Their Rye Pale Ale incorporates rye malt, giving it a spicy complexity that sets it apart from traditional pale ales. The Imperial Stout is a robust and intense stout with deep flavors of roasted malt, dark chocolate, and espresso, ideal for those who appreciate a strong, flavorful beer. Dreadnought Brewing offers tours and tastings, allowing visitors to learn about the brewing process and sample their latest creations. Their taproom is a cozy and inviting space, perfect for enjoying a pint with friends.

Horse Heaven Brewery

Horse Heaven Brewery is a family-owned establishment that prides itself on crafting beers that reflect the character and spirit of the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on sustainability and local ingredients, Horse Heaven Brewery offers a range of beers that are as environmentally conscious as they are delicious. The Cascade Hefeweizen is a traditional German-style wheat beer with notes of banana and clove, light and refreshing, making it a great choice for any beer lover. The Piney Pilsner is a crisp and clean pilsner with a subtle piney hop character, perfect for those who enjoy a classic beer style with a twist. The Evergreen IPA is a hoppy and aromatic IPA brewed with locally sourced hops, showcasing a bold flavor profile that is a testament to the region’s rich brewing heritage. Horse Heaven Brewery is committed to sustainability, using solar power for their brewing operations and sourcing ingredients from local farms. Their dedication to eco-friendly practices makes enjoying their beers even more satisfying.

Glacier West Self Storage in Monroe

As you explore Monroe’s vibrant craft beer scene, you may need extra space for your beer collection or brewery equipment. Glacier West Self Storage in Monroe offers secure and convenient storage solutions to meet your needs. Near the city’s top microbreweries, Glacier West provides a variety of unit sizes and top-notch security features. Conveniently located, making it easy to store and access your beer collection or equipment, Glacier West offers state-of-the-art security features, including 24-hour surveillance and individual unit alarms, ensuring your items are safe. With a range of unit sizes that accommodate everything from small beer collections to larger brewing equipment, and both short-term and long-term rental options, Glacier West caters to your specific storage needs. For sensitive items such as craft beer and brewing ingredients, climate-controlled units are available to protect against temperature fluctuations and humidity.

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