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Haunted Vancouver: A Tourist Guide to the Spookiest Places in the City

Glacier West Team | September 12, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

As the crisp air of autumn sets in and the leaves change from vibrant green to rusty hues of orange and red–and, with Halloween coming–there’s no better time to explore the spooky side of Vancouver, Washington. Known for its rich history and beautiful landscapes, Vancouver also harbors a number of eerie places with spine-chilling tales attached to them. From haunted parks to eerie historic sites, this guide takes you on a journey where the veil between this world and the next is thin.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Your first stop should be the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, a place teeming with history and perhaps a few restless spirits. Many claim to have witnessed apparitions of soldiers and heard mysterious footsteps while exploring the fort. The chilling tale of a lady seen wandering the grounds, believed to be from the period of Hudson’s Bay Company, adds a spine-tingling intrigue to the historic site. Over the years, visitors have reported experiencing sudden chills and the sensation of being watched. It is suggested to explore this site with a tour guide who can share the rich yet eerie history while keeping you company amidst the haunting surroundings.

Esther Short Park

Next on our haunting itinerary is the Esther Short Park, which is both a picturesque place and a hotspot for eerie sightings. The statue of the park’s founder has been known to move on its own, according to local legends. Whether it’s the rustling of leaves without a wind or the feeling of being watched, this park offers a tranquil yet slightly uneasy ambiance that ignites the imagination. This beautiful park, nestled in the heart of the city, witnesses families enjoying picnics by day and transforms into a haven of ghostly whispers and apparitional sightings as dusk falls. Visitors keen on capturing a glimpse of the otherworldly frequently traverse the paths lined with ancient trees, eyes peeled for any signs of the supernatural.

The Kiggins Theatre

Established in the 1930s, The Kiggins Theatre is a vintage venue that hosts a variety of events and shows. Beyond its theatrical offerings, the place is reputed to have its own resident ghost named “Kiggy”. Many patrons and staff have reported sighting a ghostly figure drifting across the theater, accompanied by an unexplainable cold draft. Local lore suggests that “Kiggy” is a friendly spirit, often seen during late-night screenings, offering a spectral presence that adds to the historic charm of the theater. Visitors to this site often find themselves engulfed in an atmosphere that is both enchanting and slightly eerie, as they immerse themselves in the rich history and possibly a friendly ghostly encounter.

St. James Catholic Church

With a history spanning over a century, St. James Catholic Church is said to be home to unseen presences. Visitors have experienced a sensation of being touched or a sudden drop in temperature. Moreover, the organ has been heard playing by itself, a haunting melody echoing in the vast space, providing a spectral and sacred experience to those who venture here. Attendees during the silent moments of contemplation have sometimes felt an unseen hand guiding them, offering a comforting yet eerie presence. If you visit, take a moment to sit in silence and perhaps, you will hear the whispers of spirits offering prayers alongside the living.

Officers Row

Officers Row offers a line of historic homes dating back to the 19th century. It’s not just the historic allure that draws people in, but the tales of haunted happenings. Residents and tourists alike have reported seeing ghostly figures in Victorian attire and hearing strange noises, a testament to the Row’s eerie and possibly haunted past. It is said that some of these historic homes harbor secrets from eras gone by, occasionally revealing themselves through mysterious sounds and sights. Late in the evening, as the surroundings grow quiet, one can almost hear whispers from the past, telling tales of lives lived long ago.

The Grant House

Nestled on Officers Row, The Grant House, now a popular restaurant, is steeped in ghostly tales. Patrons have reported encountering apparitions and experiencing sudden cold spots while dining. The staff also recounts stories of unexplained phenomena such as flying objects and mysterious voices, adding a side of spookiness to your dining experience. The Grant House offers not only a fine dining experience but a journey into the unknown, teasing the senses with both culinary delights and eerie encounters. Many claim that the mysterious occurrences add a layer of intrigue to their dining experience, encouraging them to return for more spirited visits.

West Barracks

Formerly a part of the Vancouver Barracks, the West Barracks is now a space that houses different businesses. However, it retains a ghostly reputation, with claims of seeing shadowy figures and hearing footsteps when no one is around. As you walk through, be prepared to possibly encounter remnants of its military past, with a ghostly twist. Old soldiers appear to still patrol the grounds, seen in glimpses out of the corner of the eye or heard in the rustle of leaves. People with a keen interest in the paranormal often bring their equipment to catch proof of the otherworldly residents rumored to inhabit the barracks.

As you can see, Vancouver, Washington, is a city with not just vibrant history but also a rich tapestry of ghost stories and haunted places that pique one’s curiosity and stir the imagination. Whether you are a brave soul eager to encounter the otherworldly or simply someone fascinated by the chilling tales attached to historic sites, Vancouver offers you a haunted trail rich in stories and possibly spirits. This fall, embark on a journey of history, mystery, and maybe a ghostly sighting or two, as you explore the haunted corners of Vancouver. Don’t forget your camera; you might just catch a ghost on film! Be sure to respect all properties and adhere to any rules or guidelines provided by the sites to ensure a safe and respectful haunting exploration.

Glacier West Team
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