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Haunted Houses and Halloween Events in Twin Falls

Glacier West Team | October 17, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

As the colors of autumn leaves paint the scenery and temperatures drop, the town of Twin Falls, Idaho, starts gearing up for its spookiest season. Halloween in Twin Falls is not just for kids; it’s a community-wide celebration that spans age groups. From haunted houses to Halloween events, Twin Falls offers a blend of frightful and delightful activities that will satisfy both horror enthusiasts and those seeking tamer thrills. If you're new to Twin Falls or simply looking for fresh ways to celebrate, this comprehensive guide will give you plenty of ideas.

The Haunted Mansions of Albion

A short drive from Twin Falls will take you to Albion, home to one of Idaho’s most famous haunted attractions—the Haunted Mansions of Albion. This isn't just one haunted house; it's a sprawling collection of multiple mansions, each with its unique theme. The thrill-seekers come from miles around to wander through this horror-filled estate, which combines traditional scares with cutting-edge technology for a truly immersive experience. Not only does the attraction get updated yearly, but it also features a few secret rooms that even regular visitors haven't found.

Twin Falls Corn Maze

For families seeking a milder form of spookiness, the Twin Falls Corn Maze offers a haunted maze during the Halloween season. Navigate through its twisty pathways and you'll encounter some family-friendly scares that add excitement without overwhelming the little ones. With just the right amount of thrill, this event is perfect for families with younger children, as well as adults who want a lighter horror experience. The maze is well-staffed to ensure safety and is also wheelchair accessible.

Halloween Parade and Downtown Festivities

Each year, the downtown area becomes a hub of Halloween activities including a much-anticipated parade featuring floats, costumes, and a lot of community spirit. Businesses and homes go all out decorating their storefronts and yards with pumpkins, cobwebs, and all things eerie. After the parade, the streets come alive with games, food stalls, and activities suitable for kids and adults alike. Don't miss the costume contests, where creativity and spookiness are generously rewarded.

Spooky Special Screenings

Local theaters like the Orpheum Theatre often have special Halloween movie screenings. Whether you're into family-friendly films like "Hocus Pocus" or horror classics like "The Shining," there’s something for everyone. It’s a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy some popcorn while getting into the Halloween spirit. They often sell themed snacks and beverages, elevating the overall experience.

Trick or Treating Spots

What's Halloween without some good old-fashioned trick or treating? Several neighborhoods in Twin Falls are known for their generous candy offerings and creative house decorations, making them ideal stops for your trick-or-treating route. Some popular spots include the area around Harmon Park and Blue Lakes Boulevard, where the community takes special pride in decorating their homes. Don't forget to bring a flashlight and follow all safety guidelines to ensure a fun and safe night.

Whether you're a hardcore horror enthusiast or just looking for some family-friendly fun, Twin Falls, Idaho has something for everyone come Halloween season. From haunted houses and eerie mazes to parades and film screenings, Twin Falls offers a variety of activities to make your Halloween memorable. Remember, many of these attractions sell out early, so plan ahead and get your tickets in advance. Have a spooktacular Halloween and may your scares be ever thrilling!

Glacier West Team
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