Moving truck available at Glacier West Self Storage in Monroe, Washington

U-Haul Rentals at Glacier West Self Storage

Save yourself an extra trip with a truck rental from Glacier West Self Storage. Our U-Haul rental service means less driving, so you can get done with your move and get on with your day. With our onsite packing supply shop and mailboxes available for rent, you have everything you need in one place to pack, protect, and transfer even your most fragile possessions. And with our extra-wide driveways, all ground-level units, and complimentary carts and dollies, loading and unloading is always a breeze. Rent your next truck from Monroe’s leader in full-service storage solutions.

Get Your Move On

Thanks to our onsite U-Haul rentals and convenient location within blocks of Highways 2 and 522, your trip just got a whole lot shorter. Whether you’re making more room in your home or garage, or expanding your business, you will appreciate the easy access to our state-of-the-art facility. And when you’re away, you can rest easy knowing our fully fenced facility employs high-level modern safety features designed to protect your possessions. These include a digital surveillance system with 24-hour security monitoring, electronic gated access, and ample lighting with motion activation. At Glacier West Self Storage, we’re proud to be industry leaders in service and features, and we look forward to working with you.

Call our storage experts today to learn more about truck rentals at Glacier West Self Storage.